Baby Bearded Dragon

Choosing a Baby Bearded Dragon

We all want our bearded dragons to be healthy and happy. A big part of this is providing the right bearded dragon care. If you take the time to research the correct diet and setup, a lot of your bearded dragon care will have been completed. One often overlooked aspect of bearded dragon care is choosing a healthy baby bearded dragon. Taking some time in the initial stages of choosing a baby bearded dragon could ensure a strong and healthy bearded dragon for many of the years to follow.

baby bearded dragon

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Look Out For These Signs

One advantage of choosing a baby bearded dragon is that you know it hasn’t had a previous owner that might have neglected it. There is less chance of a baby bearded dragon taking on negative aspects of care given to an adult bearded dragon. You’ll get a chance to really bond with your baby bearded dragon and grow together. However, this does bring in extra care duties to take into consideration. Baby bearded dragons will be more fragile and will need extra attention. They’ll also require a more intense diet of bugs. Look out for these signs when buying a new bearded dragon:

  • Injuries – Take some time to glance over your bearded dragon for wound or injuries. There may be scars that are still healing or may require future attention.
  • Missing Limbs – A lot of lizards have the awesome ability to grow back limbs. However, bearded dragons do not (but they do have awesome beards!).
  • Eyes, mouth and head – Have a look around their face to see if there are any infections. They eyes should be bright and there should be no lacerations or puss around the mouth.
  • Reactions – Your bearded dragon should be alert and sprightly. See how they react to eating a bug. They can be pretty quick.


baby bearded dragon

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