Bearded Dragon Care Tips

Bearded Dragon Care Tips – Top 5

Here we’ll talk about the 5 most important bearded dragon care tips for looking after your bearded dragon. Although Bearded Dragons are pretty tough cookies they still need some care and affection.

bearded dragon care tips

How to provide basic bearded dragon care

Bearded Dragon Care Tips 1 – Hold your bearded dragon with care

We all love to grab these awesome creatures and there’s a right and a wrong way to do this. The wrong way would be to grab a hold of its tail to pick it up like a crazed kid playing with a stuffed dinosaur; that’s just not cool. Mr Bearded Dragon suggests that you slowly reach under your bearded dragon and gently lift it up with the palm of your hand and rest it’s tail on your forearm. Imagine a butler holding a bearded dragon silver tray of champagne with a bearded dragon white cloth draped over their foreman and serve your friends some Bearded Dragon love. Mmmmmm…. Bearded Dragon champagne. Thank you, butler! Now run along and run me a bath.

Bearded Dragon Care Tips 2 – Turn the lights off

We’re not that different from our fellow bearded dragons. Like us humans, they also need their shuteye. Remember to turn those terrarium lights off before bedtime so that your bearded dragon can count his crickets before snoozing off into dragon dream land. You should also note that by tuning off these lights a significant heat source will be lost. There are solutions to this such as a heat pad or incandescent bulbs that emit heat yet are no bright enough to disturb your bearded dragon’s sleep pattern. See more about temperature in our next tip.

Beaded Dragon Care Tips 3 – Be aware of temperature 

Bearded Dragons are not great pets for Eskimos. Unless you want a bearded dragon ice pop, keep the temperature to its liking. The bearded dragon can be found in its wide array of natural Australian habitats; from deserts to woodlands. A safe temperature for bearded dragons to thrive are between 75 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit, or about 25 to 32 degrees Celsius.

Bearded Dragon Care Tips 4 – Bathe your Bearded Dragon

Splish, splash, give your beardie a bath. If your bearded dragon has had a long day, why not set out some scented candles, play some relaxing meditation music, and run it a nice a bath. This can be done about once every 5 days. A more frequent bath will also help a bearded dragon when they begin to shed their skin. If you’re thinking of cuddling up to your beardie in the bath then be aware that there is a high chance they will poop in the water. Bad beardie. If this happens, scoop that poop out quickly. Nobody likes a bath tub of poop, and since bearded dragons will likely drink their bath water it’s in their best interests to make sure they don’t slurp on their own brown poop smoothie. Yuck.

Bearded Dragon Tips 5 – Be House Proud

Coming from the arid and subtropical woodlands and shrub lands of central Australia, the bearded dragon is going to want a pretty pimped out set-up for it to enjoy life. Remember to carefully research the correct habitat for your bearded dragon and try to replicate that in your own home. This site will help you find all the information and products to do this.

bearded dragon care tips

Yeah, I love you too, beardie