Bearded Dragon Bugs

Bearded Dragon Bugs

It’s important to know exactly what bearded dragon bugs you can feed your bearded dragon to keep it happy and healthy for life. Luckily, a bearded dragon’s diet is quite versatile. Like most humans, they are omnivores and enjoy eating a mix of insects, vegetables and some non-citrus fruits. It really doesn’t have to be all that complicated, just follow the guide bearded dragon bugs guide below.

bearded dragon bugs

I don’t like crickets, I love it!

Baby Bearded Dragon Bugs Diet

Baby bearded dragons are still growing and can use the extra protein found in insects to help them develop into healthy adults. In this case, try feeding your baby dragon a few more insects rather than vegetables. This should be done three times a day. Give yourself about 15 minutes to feed your bearded dragon as much as they can munch in that time. Remember to keep a little fresh vegetables in the tank and to take out any remaining insects after 15 minutes of feeding. By doing this, you should see your baby bearded dragon eat about 40 bugs a day.

bearded dragon bugs

Feed me!

Adult Bearded Dragon Bugs Diet

Adult bearded dragons will not require as many insects in one day as baby bearded dragons. There’s no need to overfeed and make your bearded dragon a chubby charlie. They’ll only need a 15 minute feeding of insects once a day. Remember to remove those creepy crawlies from the tank once the feeding time is over.

Bearded Dragon Bugs

So what insects should you feed include in a healthy bearded dragon diet. Let’s find out! We’ll now learn about the most nutritious insects and how to make sure they’re also in good health before they become apart of nature’s food chain.

You might be thinking it’s a great idea to run into the garden and pick out a bunch of bugs. However, it’s best to avoid this incase there are any parasites and pesticides present in free sourced bugs. Don’t worry, it’s easy to buy bugs online and the quality will be guaranteed to satisfy a nutritious bearded dragon diet. The insects below are perfect for both adult and baby bearded dragons.



Black Soldier Fly Larvae


Dubia Roaches

A healthy bearded dragon diet need healthy insects. Consideration should be taken on where to store your insects. Having a bunch of creepy crawlies escaping and running riot in your house might just ruin a good date night for you and a special one. This can easily be solved by providing your buds with a sturdy critter keeper such as these.

Now that your bugs are safely contained, take care to make note of the correct room temperature for each bug and consider how they may impact on your own environment within the home; some bugs are smellier and nosier than others. You’ll soon be able to work out what suits you best.

Since you won’t be feeding your bugs all at once as part of your bearded dragon diet, you’ll want to make sure your bugs are also getting a nutritious meal so they can grow strong and healthy before being munched. Feeding feeder bugs is know as gut loading. There are numerous ways to do this and your bug supplier will have the best advice depending on which bug you bought.

Bearded Dragon Bugs to Avoid

As was mentioned earlier, it’s best to avoid any insects caught in the wild to give to your bearded dragon. Another important note to make is to avoid any insects that glow, these can be really harmful to your bearded dragon. Follow the above guide and you’ll be fine. Always remember to thoroughly research any new insect that you add to your bearded dragon diet before feeding. Check out the Bearded Dragon Diet page for more information on how to provide a healthy and balanced bearded dragon diet.

Bearded Dragon bugs

Don’t eat me!

For more specific information, find out more about bearded dragon fruits, bearded dragon vegetables and bearded dragon nutrition by clicking on the links.

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