Bearded Dragon Nutrition

Bearded Dragon Nutrition

Vitamins and Minerals

Extra bearded dragon nutrition is sometimes necessary to supplement adult bearded dragons that aren’t getting enough fruit and vegetables in their diet. Remember, bearded dragons are omnivores and require a diet of insects, fruits and vegetables.

Multivitamins for Reptiles

bearded dragon nutrition

A great multivitamin for a bearded dragon diet

A highly recommended multivitamin for bearded dragons is HERPTIVITE Multivitamin for reptiles and amphibians. It solves the problem that too much vitamin A can cause in a bearded dragon diet. High levels of vitamin A are found in many leafy green vegetables such as spinach. Beta-carotene in these vegetables provide enough vitamin A for your bearded dragon and the rest is excreted. However, supplementing you bearded dragon diet with a multivitamin can provide a risk of vitamin A overdosing; it’s simply too much for your bearded dragon to digest.  HERPTIVITE Multivitamin will not cause vitamin A poisoning. It’s a great product that provides a balanced list of nutrients for your bearded dragon diet. Click the link below to buy now. 


Calcium is just as an important vitamin for bearded dragons as it is for us humans. How many times have you heard a teacher or parent urge a child to drink their milk? Well, this is because milk provides a great source of calcium in the diet that help keep bones and teeth healthy. Calcium is an essential element to bearded dragon nutrition. Without calcium, the bearded dragon diet would suffer. However, calcium needs a little help if it is to be properly absorbed by your bearded dragon. And here’s where a special vitamin comes in handy. Vitamin D3. You’ll need this at the same time as calcium for your bearded dragon to get everything that it needs for it’s bones. 0

Vitamin D3

Have you ever heard someone say they need to go out in the sun to get their vitamin D fix? A big reason that being out in the sunshine elevates your mood and help you to feel positive is that sunlight provides Vitamin D3 through ultraviolet rays. Bearded dragons love basking in the sun too for the same reason. If your bearded dragon gets a lot of natural sunlight then you won’t need as much Vitamin D3 supplementation.

bearded dragon nutrition

An great vitamin D and Calcium supplement for your bearded dragon

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Calcium and vitamin D can be given to a baby bearded dragon daily. For juveniles, aim for about four meals every week. Remember, if your adult bearded dragon gets a lot of natural sunlight from being outdoor then it’s okay to reduce their calcium and vitamin D3 intake to once every other week.

It’s always essential to thoroughly research any food or supplement that you’ll be giving your bearded dragon. Bearded dragon nutrition should not be taken lightly but is also pretty straightforward once you’ve got the hang of it.

bearded dragon nutrition

Yeah, I love you too, beardie


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