Bearded Dragon Vegetables

Bearded Dragon Vegetables

Let’s take a look at the best bearded dragon vegetables nature has provided us. It’s not all about insects, vegetables are also an important part of the the bearded dragon diet. Insects are great at providing protein and some minerals but they fall short at providing other nutrients and vitamins in a bearded dragon diet. This section will look at which vegetables are safe to feed your bearded dragon.

Follow this guide and feed your bearded dragon enough vegetables. You won’t need to supplement their diet further with vitamin supplements in most cases. Check out the Bearded Dragon Nutrition page for further information.

bearded dragon vegetables

An apple a day keeps the doctor at bay


Vegetables are great for adult bearded dragons. You’ll often see adult bearded dragons eating more vegetables than insects. A little side bowl in their tank or terrarium will a great place to put all the vegetables that you want to feed your bearded dragon. Gently stack them up so they are easy to reach and easy to eat whenever your bearded dragon is feeling hungry.

Recommended vegetables include: acorn squash, artichoke heart, raw asparagus, raw bell peppers, bok choy, raw cabbage, carrots, celery, chicory, peeled cucumber, cooked lentils,  kale, raw okra, parsnips, pumpkins, turnip greens, yellow squash and raw zucchini.

Recommended plants include: alfalfa, basil, coriander, dandelion greens, fennel, hibiscus, lavender, lemon grass, mint leaves, oregano, rose petals, fresh rosemary, sage, thyme and watercress.

Take care when feeding your bearded dragon these vegetables and plants. They should be bite-sized for your bearded dragon to adequately munch on.

bearded dragon vegetables

Pepper me with peppers

Foods to Avoid

Although a bearded dragon looks pretty invisible there are some fruit and vegetables that can do more harm than good and should be avoided. These include lettuce, spinach and avocados. Remember to thoroughly research any food before you add anything new to your bearded dragon diet.

As with any diet, everything in moderation works best. It’s difficult to pinpoint the perfect diet for a bearded dragon, but a little bit of everything listed here will provide a variety of nutrients that’ll help your bearded dragon live a long and ‘fruitful’ life. Check out the bearded dragon bugs page for information about which insects to feed your bearded dragon.

bearded dragon vegetables

My beard is my temple

If you’d like more specific information on bearded dragon diet, find out more about bearded dragon fruits, bearded dragon bugs and bearded dragon nutrition by clicking on the links.

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