Bearded Dragon Lighting

Bearded Dragon Lighting

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That sounds good to me.  I was briefly looking at the beardie husbandry info and had an issue with the lighting, we actually don’t advise anything other than ZooMed Powersuns.  I have seen MBD with all other commercial bulbs.  That may be due to incorrect usage or other factors as well.  I didn’t go over the whole site, but I like to see any of these informative sites to include a statement that all owners should seek out a veterinarian experienced in the species of concern, have a wellness exam/comprehensive husbandry consult at the time of acquisiton as well as annually. I would advise only using veterinarians who are members of ARAV (Association of Reptile and Amphibian Veterinarians,) AEMV (Association of Exotic Mammal Veterinarians) and AAV (Association of Avian Veterinarians.)  There is a search option on each respective site.
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Your bearded dragon can’t stay in the dark all day, it’s going to need some bearded dragon lighting. In fact, the brighter your bearded dragon is, the happier it will be. Bearded Dragons come from the arid deserts of Australis in which you can imagie the sun is pretty shiny and warm. You can expect a good 12 hours of light to satisfy your bearded dragon. Therefore, choosing the correct lighting for your vivarium is very important. Let’s take a look at the how to choose the best lighting to suit your own vivarium.

bearded dragon lighting

Shine on you crazy diamond

Exo Terra Lighting

The terrarium mentioned in the bearded dragon vivarium review also has great lighting products that make life a lot easier when considering a perfect bearded dragon setup. The Exo Terra flourecent canopy is designed to fit Exo Terra terrarium. It’s incredibly easy to install, so you won’t need to fiddle around with two products that aren’t designed with each other in mind. They fit like hand and glove. It can be used for compact fluorescent bulbs or low wattage incandescent bulbs.

bearded dragon lighting

The only light source you’ll need

The Exo Terra Compact Top Canopy is a compact fluorescent terrarium canopy designed for use with the Exo Terra Glass Terrarium. Mr Bearded Dragon recommends full spectrum light bulbs for optimum bearded dragon lighting to create the ideal ratio of ultraviolet light to visual light. These lights are different to the lights we have in our home. Bearded Dragons need full spectrum lighting to get all the UV goodness that they require to stay happy and healthy by getting enough vitamin D3 for calcium metabolism.

bearded dragon lighting

I’m a vitamin D-ream

Your bearded dragon should be able to climb within about 8 inches of the light source if needed. A basking rock accessory would be a perfect addition to your vivarium for your bearded dragon to climb up and relax in the sunshine.

Bearded Dragon Lighting: Bulbs

bearded dragon lighting

Mr Bearded Dragon likes it sizzling hot!

There are two different lights you’ll need for bearded dragon lighting:

  • A basking light – this simulates the heat from the sun and helps keeps your bearded dragon at a suitable temperature.
  • A florescent light – This provided all the UVB radiation necessary to help keep your bearded dragon healthy. It is essential.

You’ll have to be careful in finding the right balance for your own bearded dragon vivarium. There should be a hotter end and a cooler end that allows your bearded dragon to alternate between if it need to self-regulate its temperature. You’ll want a bulb that will provide around 45C for the hotter end and around 25C for the cooler end. The furnishings and accessories in your vivarium will impact the temperature and you should take this into account when setting up your bearded dragon lighting.

Optional Accessories

Accessories such the Exo Terra Digital Thermometer and Hygrometer and will help you confidently keep an eye on the right temperature for your bearded dragon. It can easily be slid into the sliding rim on top of the lighting canopy. All of these great products and more can be found at Mr Bearded Dragon’s Store or by clicking the links in the article.

bearded dragon lighting

Are you looking at me?

Find more about bearded dragon temperature and vivarium by following the links. You may also be interested in what to feed your bearded dragon once your setup is complete. You’ll have all the information you need by checking out the bearded dragon diet.

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