Bearded Dragon Substrate

Bearded Dragon Substrate

Bearded dragon substrate is put quite simply as the stuff you’ll place on the floor of your terrarium. There are a few different substrate that can be used for your bearded dragon. Mr Bearded Dragon will now guide you through a suitable bearded dragon substrate and the benefits of each.

bearded dragon substrate

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There’s quite a bit of debate about which which substrate to use for bearded dragons. Some are against sandy and pebbly substrates because they can cause some discomfort if swallowed. Although bearded dragons have evolved on sandy and pebbly substrates in the arid deserts of Australia, it could be argued that it’s still not wise to to provide substrate from their natural habitat. The thing with evolution is that a lot of unlucky bearded dragons had to perish along the way in the survival of the fittest and often the downfall of the dumbest. What Mr Bearded Dragon is suggesting here is that your bearded dragon can still get unlucky and why take the risk with substrate that might, if still quite improbable, be harmful or cause accident. Let’s take a further look at bearded dragon substrate options.


bearded dragon substrate

What’s for desert?

As has been noted, bearded dragons in the wild are quite familiar with sand and pebbles. The concern in captivity is that sand as substrate could cause gut impaction. Gut impaction is when objects ingested by your bearded dragon get stuck in the intestinal tract and lead to severe discomfort or even blockage. And this could easily happen. Just imagine a sticky feeder insect crawling around and getting a few lumps of sand of a pebble stuck on it. It would be pretty difficult for the bearded dragon to avoid swallowing the small lumps of sand and pebble along with the insect.  Saying this, this sand is perfectly fine to use for adult bearded dragons but is not recommended for baby bearded dragons. Now we all love going to the beach but can you remeber when you came home and unpacked your bag? What did you see turn up for several weeks later in unexpected places? That’s right: sand. This is something to consider with bearded dragon substrate. 

Reptile Substrate Liner

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Well this really does solve the problem of sand. Reptile substrate liner is basically a carpet that rolls out onto the floor of your terrarium. It’s incredibly low-maintenance.  Just place it down, roll it out, and cut to size. This liner in particular is a safe and easy choice for either adult or baby bearded dragon. You can choose either green or brown in a non-abrasive material that won’t cause irritation to your bearded dragon. No sandy mess and what’s even better, it has a biodegradable enzyme that soaks up all the stinky reptile odors. It can be cleaned by simply rinsing under a cold tap and can then be instantly reused. That makes life a lot easier for bearded dragon owners. Just make sure that you choose a liner with a dense fabric tread so that your bearded dragon won’t get it’s claws caught in any loose threads in the fabric. 

There’s plenty more information on bearded dragon setup on Mr Bearded Dragon’s site. Once your satisfied with the layout of your new bearded dragon in your own home, you may want to learn more about the perfect bearded dragon diet. Mr Bearded Dragon is always here to help and provide information. There are some great products at our store if you’re after something special to place on your new bearded dragon substrate.

bearded dragon substrate

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