Bearded Dragon Temperature

Bearded Dragon Temperature

Bearded dragon temperature is pretty straightforward. They like it hot. Saying this, it’s still essential to know just how hot they like it and the certain behaviors that a bearded dragon can display to show that. One important thing when setting up a temperate zone for your bearded dragon is to ensure there are variations in the spaces. There should be a hotter and a cooler area. Somewhere your bearded dragon can get to easily if it’s feeling chilly and somewhere it can get out of the sun and cool down.

bearded dragon temperature

I like it hot

Getting It Right

Nobody likes being too hot or too cold so take a minute to consider the bearded dragon who cannot produce their own body heat when it gets cold. The best they can do is move to areas of different temperature. Therefore, we need to give them a helping hand, and warm one at that. The temperature will be largely dependent on how many lights you have to the amount of space you have. Larger spaces need a higher heat input than smaller spaces. They’ll need a temperature of 40c in the basking area and about 30c in the cooler area. At night you can let the temperature drop down to about 25c across the vivarium.

bearded dragon vivarium

Chillin in my crib, yo

Bearded dragon lighting will help you set out a decent temperature range. A ceramic heater can also be used to provide heat. Anything with a thermostat is great for maintaining the correct heat when you won’t be around to check. Still, you should keep cheking the temperature regularly  with a trusted thermometer. Making sure your bearded dragon is at the right temperature is necessary for all manner of cell functions. A correct lighting source that provides UVA and UVB will also be essential in not only providing heat but also providing vitamin D3 that is essential for calcium absorption. Check out Mr Bearded Dragon’s setup for more information.

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