How Long Do Bearded Dragons Live?

How Long Do Bearded Dragons Live

For us bearded dragons lovers, we’re concerned  about how long do bearded dragons live. Some say the worst time to give a child a puppy is when they are very young as they might see their beloved dog pass away during their teenage years; an important milestone in their academic life. We want our beardie to live as  long as possible by giving it a healthy diet, adequate care, and a good home. However, every being that graces this earth faces the same fate of ending up at the pearly gates.

how long do bearded dragons live

Life is but a dream

Bearded dragons are pretty tough cookies that can reach old age without any real problems. Exactly how old they can reach depends on a few variables.

Bearded Dragon Life Span Overview

  • About 6 years – This is roughly how long a bearded dragon ages in the wild.
  • About 10 years – If a bearded dragon reached this age in captivity, it shows that the owner has taken good care by providing a healthy diet and a good setup.
  • About 12 years – This is usually the oldest a bearded dragon gets in captivity with good care and a healthy diet.
  • Over 14 years – At this age, your bearded dragon is a super-reptile that has been eating many antioxidants and keeping mentally stimulated and regularly exercised.
how long do bearded dragons live

How to provide basic bearded dragon care

The great thing about bearded dragons is that they are pretty tough. A bit of tender loving care will see them live a long and prosper. When caring for your bearded dragon, it’s useful to have a source of information at hand to see that your looking after your bearded dragon correctly. Mr Bearded Dragon is great for some tips and tricks. You could also purchase a bearded dragon manual to keep at hand for a easy referencing. This manual is great for detailed information about bearded dragons:


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