What Do Bearded Dragons Like?

What Do Bearded Dragons Like?

What do bearded dragons like? You’ve got your awesome little beardie and you’re already thinking of ways to make them happy. You’ve probably found which diet it likes best and how to take care of it, but you’re looking for that extra bit of love to give. Now wouldn’t it be great if our bearded dragons could actually talk back to us (don’t pretend you’re not crazy like the rest of us; we all like to have a chat with our bearded dragons). However, unless you’re actually a bit crazy and your bearded dragon talks back to you, we’ll have to search elsewhere to figure out what make our dragons tick.

what do bearded dragons like

Fancy a chat and a cup of tea?

Hang Out With Your Beardie

Bearded dragons love interaction. Give them a bit of attention and they’ll be over the moon with joy. Pick them up, give them a gentle rub, a little tickle or a cheeky scratch. The time you’ll spend with them will amount to how much they trusts you. Be careful when you pick them up. It’s best to scoop them up with the palm of your hand from bellow and let them rest on your forearm. If they start to wriggle, it’s best to put them back down rather than trying to hold on tighter. They’ll eventually get more comfortable with being handled. Be sure to wash your hands after handling your bearded dragon.

what do bearded dragons like

Just chillin’ bro

Mental Stimulation

We all like to be engaged and active in some activity, it could be as simple as watching TV or it could be something more adventurous like rock climbing. If we’re left in a room without anything to keep us entertained, we’ll soon mentally rust like an old bucket left out in the rain. Try to make your bearded dragon’s setup¬†as cool as possible. It could be with some awesome accessories, or it could be by giving it a nice view out of its vivarium.

Another way to keep your bearded dragon stimulated is to try out some activities. Here are some ideas to consider when thinking “what do bearded dragons like?”.

what do bearded dragons like

“Take that, human!” Do bearded dragons like imagining they are real dragons?


Bearded dragons can make pretty good soccer players. They’ll gladly nudge that ball around. Now, keep that ball relative to the size of your dragon. A fully grown adult could play with a pig-pong ball for example. Something thats lite and can easily roll around. Be sure to try this out on the right surfaces. Carpets are not a great idea for bearded dragons to roam on; there’s lots of little bits of fabric they could get stuck on or perhaps there are some hidden small objects that they could swallow by accident. Imagine a bearded dragon soccer league! I’m sure a few oligarchs would back that.


It’s amazing how walking can rejuvenate any mind. It’s been proven time and time again that going for a simple walk outside stimulates many areas of the brain, exercises the body, and help to fight off the blues. Take your bearded dragon outside. Take it for a drive. Organise a meet and great with other bearded dragon lovers. Let it see new environments and experience new sights and sounds. Life is to be lived, not to be stuck in a vivarium all day.


When it gets around to summer and we’re all hot and sticky, it’s sometimes nice to think of that watering hole oasis out in the desert. Wouldn’t it be lovely to jump in and have a splash in the pool? If your bearded dragon could talk, they would say “give me a pair of trunks and take me to the water park”. Well, something like that. Bearded dragons enjoy the occasional swim. By this we mean paddling in shallow water; don’t take your bearded dragon with you to an actual water park down a slide. Make sure the water is only up to its elbows. The water should be warm, around 26 degrees Celsius. Be careful about the water. Use fresh water and add some water conditioner.

what do bearded dragons like

Play with me

The thing to remember is to gauge your bearded dragon’s reaction to any activity. If they look like they’re enjoying it, keep it up! Any signs of stress shown by your bearded dragon is a good place to end the activity and give it a break. Try something new another day. Check out these accessories for some other ideas. What do bearded dragons like? Well, it varies, but the ideas here might get you off to a good start. Please let Mr Bearded Dragon know what your beardie likes!

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